Botanacor Laboratories is the first and ONLY Colorado-certified hemp testing laboratory with the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE).

Colorado companies that produce industrial hemp, finished and unfinished industrial hemp products can now trust Botanacor for consistently accurate laboratory results for their compliance testing as well as any additional quality control testing.

Colorado-certified testing laboratory

CDPHE Hemp Testing Requirements

What products require testing?

  • Entities producing finished and unfinished industrial hemp products in Colorado.
  • Unfinished industrial hemp product intended for human use or consumption.
  • Finished hemp products for human use or consumption (cosmetics, dietary supplements, food or additives).

Products that don't require testing.

  • Finished or unfinished products that are not intended for human consumption (paper, textiles, construction materials and pet products).
  • Industrial hemp-derived smokable/inhalable products.

What laboratories can you use?

Colorado-certified testing laboratory

Effective July 1, 2021, analytical testing shall be performed by a certified laboratory in accordance with the department’s State Public Health Laboratory, Disease Control and Public Health Response Division’s, Hemp Testing Laboratory Certification, 5 CCR 1005-5.

Botanacor Laboratories is a Colorado-certified hemp testing laboratory.

What are the sample size requirements?

58 grams total for a full panel.

Potency, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Residual Solvents, and Mycotoxins – 4 grams

Microbials – 54 grams*

* The CDPHE requires 25 grams for E.coli and Salmonella testing.

CDPHE Industrial Hemp in Food

The CDPHE has provided a repository of all the information that you need to comply with the regulations.

Colorado Wholesale Food, Industrial Hemp, and Shellfish Regulations

6 CCR 1010-21, adopted by the Board of Health on February 17, 2021; effective, April 14, 2021.

Industrial Hemp Approved Source List

List of approved sources for industrial hemp operators.

Industrial Hemp - Common testing scenarios

Specific information and regulation references.


We’re ready to assist you

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